Monday, January 6, 2014

Medical: Your First Annual Physical - Pt.1

Remember your first trip to the doctor, when you went all by yourself?
Perhaps it was to get your  to get your first annual physical for little league,
or for scout camp or maybe summer camp.
You felt like you were such a BIG BOY...almost a MAN.

While nervously fidgeting in the waiting room you wondered what exactly happens in a physical.
You wondered what your doctor would look like.
Would he be an OLD guy like your dad or someone younger like your uncle or older brother?
Would he be gruff and mean or would he be nice?
What was he going to do to you?
Would it hurt?
Was he going to make you take your clothes off?
Underwear would be bad enough but what if he makes you take off all of your clothes?
How was that going to work out?  Would standing there naked and feeling the sensation of the cool air on your penis...crikey, what if it gives you a boner?
Maybe the doctor would undress too so you wouldn't fee so uncomfortable.
Maybe that would help...but what if you get a boner anyway?
What if seeing the doctor undressed is what gives you a boner?
What if he startes to get a boner too?
Scary thought! 
Could it get any scarier?

So you picture him coming into the examination room and Mr. Doctor isn't in a suit or a white lab coat but he was wearing scrubs
You immediately start to wonder, what does he look like under his scrubs.

Maybe he won't be scary at all.

Your mind startes to wander and to wonder.

The nurse calls your name.
Then you were suddenly snapped back into reality.
At least the doctor isn't an ancient old man that looks like he's offer you candy for a ride.
Maybe a lady doctor would be a better experience.
But then again maybe  that would be equally problematic.

Well, suddenly you are there. The exam proceeds...
This ain't so big deal.

so far so good. No problem.

What were you so worried about?

Nothing to it.

Hello...what's this then?
Now what is he looking for down there?
Oh, dear...he's getting close to your junk.
Nobody's fingers but yours have been down there...
but then again being touched down there does feel good.
Good thing your jeans are keeping your stuff all safe and secure.

Suddenly the doctor tells you to strip to your tighty whities!

You are feeling vulnerable again.
He touches your thigh and...ahh...ooh, 
AH OH! You feel it moving.

What if he notices? What if he goes further?

Oh no, there he goes, oh no.
Think about math, do some math problems
What's the square root of....root...LOL
math isn't quite working.

 Two hands...really, you need to use two hands!
No gloves...his hands are so warm.
That's done it!  He just touched your chub.
You smile sheepishly to cover your embarrassment...
you know he felt it, now you both know you've got a bit of a woody.

Suddenly he takes his hands away. He talks to you about doing a testicular self examination.

Then he says he's going to examine for you...
and he tells you to take off your underwear.
More math...more math.
Think of the old fat neighbor lady.
I think it's working...
yeah, seems to be working.

He explains just what he is going to do to you.

"Scrotum" comes from the Latin word for "purse." It is the purse that surrounds the testicles. Scrotums or scrota, can look as different as different purses. (For women readers, this could mean a tote, clutch, Canteen bag, drawstring, half moon, hobo, satche, swagger, school bag; or maybe you'll prefer to think of your favorite lover's scrotum as a silver studded Versace, a classy Claiborne or business-minded DKNY). for more on what's inside a scrotum, the following illustrations should help.

Your mom and dad said you can trust the doctor he's a professional, he has to go through a lot of schooling to become a doctor. Yeah a lot of schooling  in order to know how to examine your penis and testicles. He even has an artificial scrotum to practice on that he shows you. You're in professional hands so just take a deep breath and relax as the nice young doctor manhandles your crotch. You know you aren't going to make it through this part without poppin' a full fledged boner. You hope this is over soon...

but little did you know, this was just the beginning of the 'up close and personal' contact you would have with your doctor before your physical is over.
That will be coming soon in Pt.2

As he continues the exam your mind again begins to wander...
So that's what this young handsome doctor looks like,
but just what does he have on his mind?

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