Thursday, December 6, 2012

Artistry of Men Upside Down

 Upside down by Ray John Photography

Nick Ayler

Superman and Lois

Vintage handstands

 Gay Pride public bondage demonstration

David Blaine hanging upside down for 60 hours

Malthus Cone

Hanging out awaiting further instructions

Richard Gere in American Gigolo

It appears to be a male tree.

Vail Colorado ski lift mishap.
Man caught upside down as crowd gets 'Full Monty' Southern Exposure

Adam Killian by Dylan Rosser

Captain America

Underwater handstand by Rob Lang

Stéphane by Mark Grantham

Naked and Free


Stéphane by Mark Grantham

Upside down on a keg

Upside down supporter


Upside down and around

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