Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Men in Kilts 2, Kilt Curiosity: What's Under Yer Kilt?

Objects in mirror ARE larger than they appear.

Preview of possibilities

Gavin isn't telling

Andreas Cahling at 58 (June 2011)
gives a hint...veins reign under his kilt

1815 - Kilt Curiosity

Curiosity persists today
Before vows are made grandma wants some  guarantees

Even Bobbies want to know
You boys look suspicious!

Now there's a clue

Ewan McGregor
Commoners and the famous all have there secrets

Gerard Butler
At opening of Law Abiding Citizen in Glasgow.

Large and small have Celtic secrets

David Tennant
won't say either

But some lads are bashful

and some lads...not so much

To tell or not to tell...that is the question

Some lads just tease

others don't

maybe he will

maybe he won't...but
they are ready with their cameras just in case he does

 Real men will reveal for a good, Kilted to Kick Cancer

Matthew Gurnsey

Anthony McQuade

Bernardo Velasco

Unintended revelations

Some answers in Pamplona

He's not likely to answer the question so don't make him mad

A peek from 'down under'... and we're not talking Australia

and another peek

maybe if you ask nicely

Arthur is thinking about it

Celtic Kilt eh?

Whoops...there it is

Whoops...there it is again

and again

No whoops here...just letting his colors fly

A little ale and some will reveal all

yes they will

Sometimes all that's needed is a hot summer's day

 Perhaps there dangerous heavy metals to be found under there

Nothing here but blatant honesty

Some are just not as bashful as others

Ah, for a little breeze on a hot summer day

 'Dressed to Kilt' fashion show, NYC

Of course, some things can still be pretty scary, eh?

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