Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Artistry Of Wrestling

Wrestling is an ancient sport also known a grappling.

It is a discipline of physical competition used to build and improve the man's physique and to hone his skills in preparation for combat.

It was one of the competitions in the original Olympic games.
In those days the men participating in these early matches did so naked.
Today, the competition begins with the weigh in, as the men are separated into weight divisions or classes in order to make the sport fair. 
To make their weight class the men and boys today often step on the scales naked.
This is the only part of the competition today that continues to be done in the nude.
Some private wrestling clubs are an exception to that rule and continue the tradition of nude wrestling.
Today in Olympic, College, High School, Primary School etc, in all public wrestling venues the men and boys wear singlets, or in the case of professional wrestlers many wear briefs similar to Speedo type swimsuits instead of the singlets.

Wrestling makes you sweat so remember to replenish your liquids after your matches.

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