Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Olde Time Nudidity 2

Male nude in keyhole matt 1902

Male nudes gripping their staffs

Male nude studies - France, 19th century

As late as the early 1970s it was not unusual for males to compete at college and high school swimming meets in the nude.

Pools at the YMCA and many other public pools were also swimsuit-free zones

Nude Gymnasts (1920s)

 Three Young Men by

(August 18, 1852 – January 3, 1930)

Nino Cesarini by
(August 18, 1852 – January 3, 1930)

Nude Couple by
(August 18, 1852 – January 3, 1930)

John Winship by Pat Milo

Male nudes on the terrace by
(August 18, 1852 – January 3, 1930)

Three nude boys by
(August 18, 1852 – January 3, 1930)

Nude boys in Napoli by
(August 18, 1852 – January 3, 1930)

Nude boys in Sicily by
(August 18, 1852 – January 3, 1930)

Nude boy at the beach (1930s)

Vintage nude models

Vintage nude figure study
Vintage nude figure study

Naked Tennis

Naked Housework

Vintage nude figure study

Standing Male Nude by

What the heck is this...
1950s parents presenting their son with a male role model or testing his sexuality?

Doukhobor Community quandry

Paul Labriola and Harold Adducci

Kirby Scott by Colt Studios

Keith Maynard - double exposure

Jim Dardanis

Vintage Lockerroom

Jack Conant

Joe Dallesandro

Freilicht - 1897 by
Max Koch (1854-1925)

Neal Scott

Paris Calavas Freres Editeurs, ca. 1875-80

Terry Stuart - vintage beefcake

Bo Richards

Mike White - Milo sailor


  1. Concerning your sixth picture down from the top -- the one with the caption about college players competing naked) your facts may be true, but the photo is inaccurate. I'm not telling you any of this to be nasty so I apologize up front if it comes off that way. First, it's faked. The original is not a picture of a nude swimmer. Second, it's not a swimmer at all but instead a photo of Tamás Kásás, a retired Hungarian water polo player. Third, the photo is NOT from the late '70s but from the summer Olympic games in London in 2012. You should be able to find a copy of the original on this Pinterest page: Just wanted to let you know.

    1. Thanks for the information. I took the caption and photo from another site. The post will be corrected.

  2. So glad they had the common decency to make the girls cover their shame of not having a penis 😆