Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Man and Beast 5: Cats - Who's the Boss?

My cats posted this as a public service announcement
Message to Humans...you can learn a lot if you'll just pay a little attention.

Come on Dave. When will you get it through your thick skull,
I'm strictly into pussy.
OK then, but you owe me treats...BIG TIME.

 Keeping up apperances

 It's kind of my 'WWTD' bracelet.
(What Would Teddy Do?)
He'd ask for treats!

 Break dancing kitty asks, 'Is this camera on...did you get that?'
Do you have treats?

 Come on Doug, I said I was sorry.
Where did you hide my treats?

 Does this coat make my butt look big?

 At last! They've finally invented a foldable cat.
(What I won't do for treats.)

 It's just that this thing needs to be punished.
When I'm done, I'll need some treats.
Yes, dear, they are all yours, it's just that my kitten toner is running low.
Did you bring treats?

 It Batman and Catman had a fight, who do you think would win?
And, would he win treats?

 Nemo? Who's Nemo?

Where are my treats.
 Come on, I'm Siamese not Japanese. I don't eat sushi...Gross!
But I could go for some treats.

 If you're looking at porn...I'm telling.
But maybe we can make a deal...got treats?

 Then get me some treats.

 The call me chameleon, I'm not quite sure why.
Got any treats?

 Why do you need the 3-D glasses. I'm already here in REAL 3-D.
 No matter how long I live, I don't think I'll ever figure out these humans.

 No. Are you calling me a liar?
We could talk about it over treats.

 Your touch just slays me.

 We have our own code.
Don't interfere.

 Sleeping all day and monitoring everything all night is so exhausting!

 Don't even try human...there is no cure.
We are simply too darn cute.

Give me treats and I will always be there.
Growing up is hard.
 I'm  so glad to see you! HUGS! HUGS!
Did you bring treats?

 See, I told you you need a mustache to go with that beard.

 No, I'm not coming out until you promise to do better.

And this is where they keep the treats, son.

 That's it, get comfortable...he he he he..your bloody days are numbered.

 What the...are you serious? I'm a carnivore.

I'm telling you, I'm perfect for one of those 'Got Milk?' ads.

I used to be a cat.

 The dreaded diagnosis.

 Walking with dinosaurs...
I could get treats myself anytime I wanted.

 My Human needs to get a message to Santa?
He wants lots of treats.

 I'm a victim of stereotyping.

Cleaning up after treats.

 Hello. You are definitely the biggest cat I've ever seen.
Do you have any treats?

 Timmy was always a very dedicated student,
and good students get treats.

My precious.
(But I'll trade it for treats)

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