Sunday, April 27, 2014

Men In Uniform: Football

There are some things guys will do with and to each other while in uniform on the playing fields that are just not to be done once the games are over.

 Male bonding football style

By the look of how sweat soaked his Lycra pants are
his name is not going to be the only thing that will be smelly
when he hits the showers after the game.

See-through white pants with black underwear...
not macho wear on the streets or at a party.
 Jake Delhomme's televised wardrobe malfunction

On the field it's a warm weather uniform...
on the streets it's called fishnet.

 TexAss Football

Bare midriff on the field is practical...
on the streets...GAY!

Big bear hugs, jumping up and down
while in a tight crotch to crotch embrace,
it's all good...but only during the game

Manhandle another guy all you want...
just so long as it ends in a tackle

 Miami Dolphins doing a little male bonding,
talking about feelings and stuff

During a game a big macho guy will let another man
rub his hands all over his crotch and think
nothing of it, in fact it's a good thing...
but only on the field.
 Anthony Fasano

Guys in mesh on the field, perfectly acceptable, even MACHO...
guys in mesh on the streets after the game...
they're GAY!
Wearing see-through Lycra exposing your butt
and jockstrap to everyone in the stadium 
not to mention the TV cameras and everyone watching at part of the job, but wear a Speedo, a banana hammock, on the gay.

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