Monday, May 4, 2015

Artistry of Nudidity 3: Men Exposed on the Silver Screen

For some time now the trend for actors whether it be on stage, the cinema or even TV, has been as if nudity is a rite of passage, a coming of age, an eventuality, that if you are a man (women went  through this decades ago) and you want to be a 'Matinee Idol', if you want to reach the heights, if you want to remain a 'star', then you are going to have to do some work naked, in the flesh, in the nude, in all together, in the buff, buck naked, bare assed. You've got to practice a little 'nudidity'.

At the onset, this just meant a bare butt scene but now in order to 'practice your craft', to prove you are a dedicated, 'an authentic' actor, the trend is to prove how edgy, or versatile you can be, now you will have to do full frontal nudity and/or sex scene. Some have even gone to the extent of actually performing various sex acts on screen, not just simulated sex. I may post more on that in the future, we'll see.

Recently this has evolved or devolved, take your pick, that not only will you do sex scenes but if you are heterosexual you will need to add to your repertoire at least one homosexual role including the requisite fully nude man 2 man sex action with French kissing closeups, and at least one of your homosexual sex scenes should be, one assumes for effect, with another heterosexual actor but of course an 'out and proud' homosexual actor is completely acceptable. Maybe versatility is from column form column B. This isn't just effectuated by Hollywood morality (or lack thereof), it has become a badge of courage to prove your loyalty to the politically correct culture (and in my view a  dangerously intolerant culture, but that's another topic for another day) that so dominates the entertainment world if not the global society of today.

Certainly, this is not a comprehensive study rather a random selection of a few, of the well known men who have joined the ranks of those appearing on the silver screen completely unencumbered by clothing. So, without further ado let's observe  the 'body of work' of some of these gentlemen.

Benedict Cumberbatch ~ The Last Enemy

Bradley Cooper ~ Bending All the Rules

Chris Hemsworth ~ Rush

Christian Bale ~ American Psycho

Colin Farrell ~ Alexander

Henry Cavill ~ The Tudors

Hugh Jackman ~ X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Jason Momoa ~ Game of Thrones

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