Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fatherhood, Happy Fathers Day 2015

To all the dads out there...
Happy Fathers Day 

Fathers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages.
Some are Grand, some are Great and some are just DAD.
They are all near and dear to the heart of someone.
As a dad you do what has to be done to take care of your little ones.
That's just what dads do.
Untitled (Father and Son) from the series Left Behind
Angela Strassheim

Try to remember the good times when the worst thing your child did was cry, soil diapers, eat every two hours and rob you of your sleep.
Those were the good times before puberty slapped you up side of the head...
before your pride and joy turned into a teenaged monsters...
and you were never quite sure anymore,
if those tiny little hands that had always reached for your neck
and once hugged you so liberally...
that you might some night find those small hands now adult sized...
wrapped around your throat...
choking the life out of you while you slept.
If...just if,
you made it through those times...
you've made it, you survived...
Happy Fathers Day!
Sit back. Relax. Remember and enjoy.

Crown Prince Pavlos & Prince Aristidis  of Greece


Cotton sharecropper family near Cleveland, Mississippi 2 (1937 Jun)
 by Dorothea Lange

Inked studs

Young men and babies sitting on porch, 1972. Cornett family
By William Gedney

Robin Thicke

Young man and baby sitting on chair, 1972. Cornett family
By William Gedney

Buster Keaton with sons Robert and James, 1924

Father and son
Depression Era in the Ozarks

 Always remember...
You are never too big or too macho for a hug from your dad.
Nor are real dads ever too old or too macho to receive a hug from you.

So go, just do it! Now, and tell him that you love him...and thank him for all the sacrifices, and the hard choices and decisions he had to make in raising you... tell him you're sorry for all the gray hairs you gave him...and be sure to thank him for scaring away all those monsters that hid in your closet and under your bed...and don't forget all the spiders he killed to protect you...go it now...before it's too late.

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