Friday, December 30, 2011

Male Lineups

The Artistry of Male Lineups

Olde Time Nudidity Lineups

Clothes Line(Up)s

Shy Lineups

CFNM Lineups

Silly Boys Lineup

Scout Lineups
(Two ways to put out your campfire.)

Pectoral Lineup

Broadway Lineup

Teen Lineup

20 Something Lineup

Sports Interview Lineup

Athletic Lineup

Drunken Lineup
(Hey, Smokey, Who's Your Daddy?)

Festival Lineups
 Roskilde Festival Nude Run
Every year, on the Saturday of the Festival, since 1998, Roskilde Festival Radio organizes a nude run around the camp site. One male and female winner will receive a ticket for the next year's festival.

Graduation Lineup

Briefs Lineups

Military Lineup

Competitive Lineup

Musicians Lineup

Tumescent Lineup

Fraternity Initiation Lineups

Backward Lineups

Third guy from the left is really clenching,
perhaps he's anal retentive.

Wet Lineup

Sunny Side Up Lineup

Mexican Protest Lineup

CFNM Lineups

45 RPM Lineup

Naturists Lineup

Helping Hands Lineup

Scullers Lineup

Frat Boy Lineup
Meat Rack Lineup

Porn Boys Lineup

Full Monty Lineup

Sock Lineup

Working Boys Lineup

Synchronized Shooting Lineup

Choo Choo Lineup (or is that Chew Chew)

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