Saturday, January 7, 2012

Artistry of Draping Man

v., draped, drap·ing, drapes.
  1. To cover, dress, or hang with or as if with cloth in loose folds: draped the coffin with a flag; a robe draped his taut, rippled, muscular, masculine, sexual figure; he draped his jeans in front of himself as to obscure the view of his rousing manhood; his towel was draped to conceal his shame (and pride!); his pulsing manhood was draped in white to appear as a ghost; See synonyms at clothe.
  2. To arrange or let fall in loose folds: draping the banner from the balcony; as he lay on top of me, I could feel his heartbeat, his blood pulsing and as I swallowed, the soft pouch teeming with his future progeny was draped tenderly over my nose and lips. 
  3. To hang or rest limply: draped my legs over the chair, as he rolled over, quite spent, his tumescent genitals were draped, in the dim light, over his hot, smoldering, sweat glistening thigh. A shiver ran through my body as I visualized how just moments ago they were so powerfully thrusting...ehm, but I digress.
To fall or hang in loose folds: arranged the cloth so as to drape over the table legs; his generous foreskin draped beyond the soft spongy glans of his penis, caressing and concealing that sexually pungent...ehm, yet again I digress.

Please observe some visual examples:

 Draped in Asian Silk
(Or is it Asian Draped in Silk)

Draped in Satin

Draped in Cotton

Sitting on the Draped Cotton

Draped in Fleece

Draped in Mystery

Leg Draped over the edge of the bed

His Robe was Draped over....

Draped and Coiled

He draped his jeans in front of himself as to obscure the view of his rousing manhood.

the come hither Drape

As he rolled over, quite spent, his tumescent...

His shirt was Draped over one shoulder

Windy Drapes

Draped in Sleep...and Denim

Sheer Drapes

...Draped his taut, rippled, muscular, masculine and sexual frame

Draped in Silk

The Valentine Drape

Just barely Draped
(in Black and White...
...and Color)

Draped in Wool

His towel was draped to conceal his shame (and pride!).

Draped in Linen

Draped  Outdoors

Stingy with his Drapery

Draped Man of Mystery

Wet Draped

Draped on brown leather

Fisherman's Catch

The Halloweenie Ghost
His firm manhood was Draped in white to appear as a ghost.

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