Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Artistry of Sock Puppets

Once upon a time, long, long ago, before there were iPods, X-Boxes, GameBoys,  before there were computers or TVs or even radios. Mother's entertained their children in inventive and resourceful ways. One of the things they came up with to occupy the time of their little ones was the Sock Puppet. It served two purposes...entertained the kids and made use of an old worn out sock that was no longer worth darning.
Over the years the Sock Puppets were tossed aside in favor of more flashy store bought toys and today's electronics and gadgets. Then one day a couple of the boys rediscovered the long lost Sock Puppet and to accommodate these modern times they came up with a whole new way to use the old long lost friend. A new way that tickled their fancy. 
The modern day Sock Puppet.
They could also be used for practical purposes...
Like keeping warm...
on those chilly nights.
 and they could be marketed and purchased as gifts for that special friend.
 Suddenly the old Sock Puppet found a new popularity.
 Rock stars played with their Sock Puppets on stage to entertain their fans.
Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chilli Peppers
 Boys took pictures of their own home-made Sock Puppets and sent them to their friends to tell them how much fun they were having with their Sock Puppets. Some even posted them on the internet so everyone could know.
 They had Sock Puppet parties!
There were long puppets...
 and short puppets...puppets of all sizes.
Musicians continued to play with their puppets.
 Even the big macho jocks started playing with Sock Puppets.
Everyone wanted to play.
 Some became so famous for their Sock Puppets...
that others imitated them.
Bulgarian band Wickeda follows Red Hot Chili Peppers’ example.
 Some were still a little shy about letting their play habits go public.
 But the trend continued.
 They even made cartoons about their Sock Puppet adventures.
 The parties continued....
 Frat boys in particular couldn't seem to go away to college without their faithful boyhood toys.
 Sometimes when the boys would drink too much at the parties...
 they would get confused and misplace their Sock Puppets
or become so confused that they couldn't remember how to play.
 They took their Sock Puppets to the beach.
 Posed for photos with their puppets.
 Took them hiking in the mountains where they would have to put a glove over the Sock Puppet to keep it warm.
They became all the rage with the gym rats.
 Some stayed home and played with themselves.
 They were so much fun at bachelor parties.
 Some boys did instructional videos on the web to show off the expertise they had achieved and the many techniques one can use to develop his skills and master the art of Sock Puppeteering.
 Then you will feel confident in puppeteering with your friends in public.
 Puppeteering develops strong biceps.
 Even Green Berets Sock Puppet especially since the end of DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell)...
 and the band played on.
It is allowed to use a new sock and these days it doesn't have to be a worn out sock, in fact in some circles, the newer the better. You can play alone...
with your mates...
or in mixed company.
This is Ronielle Buduhan, his specially designed Sock Puppet is purported to enlarge and lengthen your Sock Puppeteer. (For more information click here: Divosocks)
Ronielle Buduhan
Of course some people took artistic license and developed a lot of variations and made an entire industry out of Sock Puppets.

This is an expanded All-In-One Sock Puppet...
with personality.
When playing with your Sock Puppet please be careful,
you could easily loose it like this unfortunate fellow.
And they all lived happily ever after.
The End

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