Friday, April 27, 2012

Cowboys and Ranch Hands

Cowboys have long been viewed by many as the ultimate macho man.
Women and men alike have found themselves bewitched by the scent of a manly, sweaty, hard working, hombre.
In veneration of these alluring horsemen of the American West, let us embark on a visual examination of...
The Art of Muskulinity

Being a Cowboy is in the blood,
Cowboy life starts at a very early age

Cowboys are a friendly lot, "Howdy pardner!"

The cowboy's hat protects him from the harsh sun

The 'good guys' wear white hats
and use white lariats

A cowboy needs a good saddle

Ranch hands are known for their bib overalls and straw hats

Stirrups help keep you in the saddle when you're not going bareback

Cowboys are sometimes lost in their thoughts

Life on the ranch is hard, tiring work
At the end of the day the cowboy's body is spent
sometimes he needs a breather before even returning to the bunkhouse

Lots of cowboys remember to say their prayers before bedding down for the night

Sometimes his feet get hot and he needs to take of his boots for some relief

Like other men, lots of cowboys find a beer refreshing

Cowboys do a lot of work without their shirts

In the bunkhouse they like to kick back and relax

They say hard work will grow hair on your chest

Plaid shirts are very common among cowboys

Sometimes he just has to air things out

A saddle can make a good pillow in a pinch

He may have to wait his turn for the shower or bathtub

Older cowboys have a prickly sense of humor are prone to brag and tell tall tales

The younger cowboys listen, watch and learn

Mending fences is just one of the cowboy's many chores...

as is chopping firewood

A cowboy always sizes up his competition...

and he is usually aware that he is being sized up

Cowboy life develops confidence

Cowboys are often musically inclined

Hard work promotes the development of a strong body

Some cowboys like a sip of something a little harder after a long day

Sometimes he has to cool down or take a bath out in the open

Cowboys sometimes day dream about their lovers

They go bareback at times

He enjoys a good sunset

Cowboys 'dress up' when going on a date

When a bull gets angry sometimes it's best to just get out of the way

Cowboys really have a great love for the out of doors

The bad boys wear black hats
(Some cowboys like to think of themselves as 'Bad Boys')

Cowboys are comfortable in denim.
Denim Shirts

Denim Jeans

Black Denim

Blue Denim

Their jeans take a lot of wear 'n' tear

Developing the 'Cowboy Stare' takes some practice

Some people call Cowboys 'Saddle Tramps'

Even wearing his best white hat he can still leave the Honky Tonk all alone.
He's probably all sweaty from hours of Texas Two Steppin' and Boot Scootin'.
Hope he'll be able to hitch a ride back home to the ranch.

Big belt buckles are a hallmark of the Cowboy

A good belt is important to a Cowboy.
If his belt is defective look what could could happen...
and when that happens other serious problems could arise...

so, Cowboys usually have some extra rope on hand
in case they need to tie things down...or up.

Another reason Cowboys always wear  their hats

Sometimes a Cowboy feels like he lives in two different worlds

Cowboys love their horses and Ranch Hands love their pickups

A good horse will come when his Cowboy whistles

When the young Cow-Pups get out of hand and need some discipline
a Cowboy accepts the responsibility and does what has to be done


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