Friday, October 18, 2013

Man And Beast 4

They say pets and owners start to look alike over time

They say pets and owners start to look alike over time

 Don Draper
Some women say all men are dogs

We've had relationships with animals for a very long time

Sometimes animals are not quite what they seem to be
Tiger by Craig Tracy
(The progression)

Our animal friends have been loyal helpers in our times of need

Some myths tell us that the lines have been blurred

Merman Brent Corrigan

Imagine what a different experience the horror movie You're Next
would have been if the intruders had looked like this.

Cobras by Gutyerrez

The Butcher Boys by Jane Alexander

Things can really get mixed up and confusing

Pat down for a pooh gone bad

There is still plenty of love to go around in a good relationship

Even so, there can still be some disagreements...

and some face downs

Perhaps it's safer to befriend animals that won't give us any trouble
Sometimes our beastly pals get the better of us, ouch!

Then there are some who get a bit confused about the traditional relationship.

Chase Hostler by Thomas Synnamon

When looking for a new friend be certain to check out everything thoroughly...

...and your new friend will always have your back

...whether watching over you as you sleep...

...or sharing your dreams.

Keep your motherly instincts sharp...

...and your friend will jump for joy whenever he sees you

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