Monday, October 14, 2013

Men At Rest 2, Peaceful Sleep

 One morning I wake up to find my wife staring at me.
What? I say.
Nothing, I just like watching you sleep.
Because I see the real you. No stress from the day, no pain, no struggling, no stiff upper lip, no disappointment, no keeping up appearances, no problems, no frustration, no sadness, just you...sweet and innocent. The pure, angelic 'you' that I fell in love with, before life started its relentless assault. It helps me remember why I love you and what you go through to be my man, to show me that you love me. I wish that it was in my power to make your face that carefree all the time.

Sleeping Man by Todd Sanfield

Damiano Frascaroli

Andrei Andrei by Vagelis Kyris

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